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Molecular, Cellular and Individual Characteristics

Professional check-up medicine refers to risk stratification and early disease detection, especially by high-resolution cross-sectional imaging. Asymptomatic stages are known to be already predictive, which holds true for both atherosclerosis (the main killer of human beings) as well as malignancies and others. As in principle, they are preventable just before developing mature diseases professional preventive medicine and precurative therapies may achieve prognostic benefits. This is the fundamental principles of check-up medicine.

In principal, much earlier detection of preclinical states is achievable by molecular and genetic analyses (genotype) which might further enrich preventive measures on just the phenotype basis mentioned above. This comprehensive procedure defines as „personalized medicine “. A further improvement of prognosis is to be expected. The much more precise as individualized diagnostic process determines the most effective treatment as it is much better tailored to the disease.

Integrative Personalized Programs in three steps

1) How healthy are you?


Personalized Check-Up Programs


2) How can you achieve your health goals?


Personalized programs to improve

your quality of life


3) Did your health program work?


Personalized Monitoring

An integrative program for prevention, complementary treatment and recovery during COVID19 pandemics to optimize quality of your life.

This program includes:


  • Molecular analysis of COVID19 susceptibility & COVID19 infection
  • Examining lung functions & CT-thorax
  • Electrocardiographic examinations
  • Laboratory analysis inclusive vitamin D, CRP, selen, zinc
  • Photodynamic therapy of COVID19 infection
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Nutritional therapeutic supports
  • Immune therapeutic interventions

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