LIFEUP STRESS will use YOUR molecular, cellular, and clinical characteristics to manage YOUR stress more efficiently

LIFEUP STRESS is consisting of three parts:


  • STRESS PERCHECK: Personalized Stress Check-Up programs


  • STRESS PERLIFE: Recommendations and measures supporting you individually for managing stress resilience


  • STRESS PERMON: Personalized monitoring and coaching programs during and after treatment

LIFEUP STRESS will support you to find out:

  • YOUR ability to deal with stress
  • YOUR stress response to pressure
  • How stress affect YOUR memory risk
  • YOUR risk for stress-causing physical symptoms
  • Effect of stress on YOUR heart
  • YOUR link between stress and caffeine
  • Risk of stress affecting YOUR sleep
  • Risk of stress affecting YOUR aging
  • YOUR link between stress and gut health
  • YOUR risk of stress-related muscle pain

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